18 febrero, 2015 Alberto

Computer crime (or publish a tweet) could be considered act of terrorism in Spain.

Reforma del código penal

The two main political groups in Spain (PP and PSOE) have approved a draft law to reform the penal code.  Taking advantage of the recent attack in the newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the rise of Jihadism the reform hardens the penal code and it deprive freedoms.  Recently some associations have complained that this reform is a fundamental threat to freedom of expression.

The new definition of «terrorist offenses», agreed by the two groups, open the door to chase behavior that has nothing to do with Jihadism.  Cybercrime will become terrorism when the target will be a government or international organization.  Therefore hacktivism will change to terrorism and groups like Anonymous, LulzSec or Lizard Squads will become terrorist organizations.

These offenses, not necessarily linked to Jihadist terrorism, could be committed during a protest riots.  For example, if you write on social networks like Facebook o Twitter about protest riots, you could be invetigated as a terrorist.

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